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Hola friend

I couldnt even afford groceries for the month this was my ticket to a new life I was in desperate need of an alternative
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Hello friend!

I felt pressure to be the bread winner for my family this is the best thing that ever happened to me it seemed like I was cornered
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Your question

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Hello friend!
I wanted to prove I could amount to something at first I thought this was a joke now its my time to shine give it some serious consideration

This thing changed my life.

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Whats up
whats up!
people always look for an easy way out I was able to get back on my feet with this now I make all the calls give it some serious consideration
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Welcome back, to men! Ah its good to be back in the driver seat once again. WOW, in the past few months while I’ve been gone, Batista quit, NXT was created, the season winner and losers of NXT created a team to overtake WWE. John Cena had to join. John Cena didn’t do what they say, got fired. He was rehired by the anonomous general manager, and yet he still gets superstar of the year award for slammys. Also, Cena unleashed his inner- animal on David Otunga.

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Ahg, it’s good to be back, know I’m back in the drivers seat. While we were gone, WrestleMania occured, here’s the coverage;

John Cena defeated Batista (WWE Championship)
Undertaker defeated HBK (Streak vs. Career)
Jack Swagger won Money in the Bank
ShowMiz defeated Black Magic and the White Shadow (Unified Tag Team Championships)
Chris Jericho defeated Edge (World Heavywieght Championship)

Later, Jack Swagger would cash his Money in the Bank in on Chris Jericho, and won it. Every time someone cashes in money in the bank, they win, now Swagger has left his page in the book of WWE History.