Is Randy Crazy?

Posted: May 30, 2009 in Raw

Randy Orton 2009Over the past few years, Randy Orton has done some pretty bad things, but going against WWE Original Family: The McMahons and then hiding behing lawyers and the legacy, and blaming it on a disease, grow up and become a man, what a wimp, and to pay people to help you. Watch out Randy, theres some people that want to hurt you. Comment to give us your feelings on the topic.


  1. kayla says:

    randy Orton rocks its just payback to them you go randy

  2. wwefan1 says:

    Many people have seen this post, it’s the most seen post yet, but have you seen the sequel Is Randy Crazy: Number 2, username: kayla made a comment that I haven’t deleted yet, about it’s what the McMahon’s get. Look at that shocking post on the website’s homepage, it answers many questions like:

    Is Randy’s Disease Real?

    What’s the WWE going to do with him?


    How would I react to that comment?

  3. wwefan1 says:

    This is a high time post, so just let me tell you the rest of the posts are this cool too. To see latest posts click on the title up at the top (wwe fan blog). The rest of the site gives you specific ideals of whats happening. Actually it gets more credit that for giving exactly what happens when it happens (MAXIMUM: 2 days after it happens!)

  4. FIRE ORTON says:

    Randy Orton should be fired!

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