ECW: Just a Start- Friends Torn

Posted: June 10, 2009 in ECW

Last night on ECW things were getting quite wierd. First of all, Tommy Dreamer had set his career on the line just to make it to Extreme Rules, once he got the ECW Championship there, he had contracts to sign to give him a greater amount of money. Last night, was when the contract had to be signed, but Christian, the one who lost his title, ran out and gave Dreamer¬†a present, in other words, a tissue box. Christian and Dreamer were friends but over a title they became enemies. Christian congradgulated Dreamer and shook his hand. That’s when the all american- american, Jack Swagger, came out. He basicly told Christian it was between him and Christian and Swagger told Dreamer to do the right thing and give up the championship to him. Swagger told Christian he needed to persuad Dreamer. So Christian said, “I believe it’s you time to help me, and do the right thing.” Then suddenly, Christian turned around, punched Swagger, and both him and Dreamer flipped him off the top rope, as friends. The Dreamer signed the contract and started to get on one turnbuckle and hold his new title up, when he stood up, his “friend” threw him backwards onto the signing table. With that done, Christian had to face the Hart Dynasty with Swagger, not Dreamer.

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  1. wwefan1 says:

    This is a comment, now what I want you to do is to comment if you think Christian should of done the above

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