What A Night: Raw was Exciting; 1st Event- Randy and Legacy Destroy Batista’s Celebration Night

Posted: June 10, 2009 in Raw

In Extreme Rules (A PPV For WWE), Batista and Randy Orton had a Steel cage Match for the WWE Championship. Batista beat Randy Orton and took the championship. Last night on RAW, Batista was giving a speech about how it took a lot of hard work to win the championship, and that’s when Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, and Ted Debiase hurt Batista. Randy sent Cody to get a chair from the announcer’s table. Randy then placed Batista’s arm in between the middle part of the fold-out chair, and stomped on the chair. Then, Randy, pulled Batista’s hand up (While in between chair) until his arm literally snapped.

Batista was escorted by ambulance to the hospital where he stated he thought his arm was broke. Then, Randy challenged Batista to a rematch for the championship. The match would be a regular 1-1 match and if the ambulance didn’t get back by a Ten Count after the bell was “wrung”, Randy would win by forfiet. Vicki Guerrero approved of the match, which would later be fought.


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