What a Night- The Match that Shocked us All

Posted: June 10, 2009 in Raw

You know how I told you about a match that would later be fought by Randy Orton and Batista? Well here it is.

As Randy stood in the ring, Batista’s theme song came on, but no one came out. The referee “wrung” the bell and started the match. He counted, “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8” then he stopped and Randy became mad and asked him why. The referee said that the ambulance was now pulling in., but Batista didn’t come out, the game, Triple-H did. Triple-H had been kicked in the skull by Randy earlier this year. The injury caused him to be out of the WWE for 2 months. He came into the stage with a sledgehammer and K.O.ed the Legacy in just two hits. Then he through the sledgehammer away and beat the heck out of Randy, obviousely to get revenge, and that ended last night’s RAW

  1. wwefan1 says:

    Do you think The Game Triple-H should be WWE Champion after what Randy Orton has done to him?

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