What a Night- Vicki Quits

Posted: June 10, 2009 in Raw

Vicki Guerrero was one of the most hated WWE Managers of all time. She proposed that she was going to quit because she was sick and tired of the fans making fun of her (Which isn’t hard). She had just been in a match the night before, and let’s just say, she came out in slop and pig doo. The fans then said on signs, “Vicki Has Swine Flu!”, “Watch out 4 Vicki, Pigs Can Get You Dirty”, and, “Why hasn’t Edge got Swine Flu Yet?”. She was plumb upset and she quit. Then her husband came out (Edge), and just briefly told her he was done with her because she no longer had power in the WWE and he wanted a divorce. With that said and done, Vicki left the WWE sad and jobless.


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