WordPress Live Event- Brought To You By WweFan1

Posted: June 13, 2009 in SmackDown

This is a live event brought to you by WweFan1, who is now watching Smackdown. This is a better way to read 4 you.

It will give you info about stuff when it’s happening, but first, Earlier Events:

The Smackdown General Manager, has been able to make everyone happy by making a lot of #1 continder’s matches 4 the World Heavywieght Championship.

The Great Khali and Dolph Ziggler versed, and Ziggler made a big change in the WWE. Ziggler won with great brains.

  1. wwefan1 says:

    Ziggler with brains, hah, you might say but guess what, Ziggler held Khali’s translater outside the ring until “8, 9!” then Ziggler jumped inside the ring not giving Khali a chance to get back in before “10” it was a countout!

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