Is Randy Crazy?: Number 2

Posted: June 24, 2009 in Together

I’ve got a comment from a concerned reader, by the username of kayla, stating that Randy Orton rocks and it’s just payback to the WWE’s family, The McMahons.

There is proof that Randy was faking, and now that Mr. McMahon is back, he knows that. In WWE Magazine issued May, 2009 called, DEADLY FORCE: THE SOURCE OF THE DEADMAN’S MYSTICAL POWERS REVEALED, on page 12, Jerk of the Month, it said that the WWE has fully researched Randy’s disease, and it was nothing but a scam. I researched it too, and Randy was lying when he told the WWE that. He also, get this, hired the lawyers to lie, just like he hired the Legacy to, too. “IED” is a fake disease and Randy would get arrested but Vicki Guerrero did not let that happen. Oh yeah, I research for you.


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