WWEFAN’s Afterview: First Match: Smackdown 6/26/09: R-Truth VS The Gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin

Posted: June 27, 2009 in SmackDown

At the beginning of the match, when they were all in the ring, Shelton, fell short of knowing that R-Truth was tougher than him, because he thought that he just had to say…..

“R-Truth, in your song, you usually say you tell the truth. Let me just tell you the truth, when you street-boys say you learned off the streets and your proud of it, that’s just dum. Let me just say this in your language. I’d be comin’ from college, when you’d be comin’ from streets, so it’d be easy for me to say, that I’d be beating you tonight. In you song, you say that people skip and trample there self crazy, so, “Truth”, You’d better be skipping and trampling yourself out of this match, out of SMACKDOWN and out of the WWE.”

Which made R-Truth mad before and gave him the *Endurance to win the match.

*Endurance’s definition is in an earlier post.


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