First Bash Match was a Scramble

Posted: June 29, 2009 in PPV Event

Tommy Dreamer (C) vs. Christian vs. Fit Finlay vs. Jack Swagger vs. Mark Henry in a Scramble match for the ECW Title opens the show. Rules were two starting the match (Christian and Swagger) with a new man entering every three minutes. Finlay came in at #3. Swagger pinned Finlay after a roll-up after a poke to the eye, making it one-on-one again as Finlay went to the outside before Tommy Dreamer came in 4th. Some good heat with the crowd into all four guys so far. Finlay got back into the match and pinned Swagger, making him new champion. Henry came in last and cleaned house as the 5minute clock started. Henry pinned Dreamer then got triple teamed. Henry teased a dive to the outside from the top but Swagger stopped it and pinned him to become champion with 2mins 20 remaining. Christian hit the Killswitch but Dreamer broke up the count and hit a DDT on Christian and became champion with 1min 10 seconds to go. Final minute was a ton of near falls from all five guys until the clock ran down. Winner and still ECW champion: Tommy Dreamer. Swagger looked to have got knocked silly from a boot to the head as they all scrambled for the pinfall. Dreamer looked shocked that he had retained the title. He’s not the only one. A decent enough opener but the early action was way better than the closing few minutes.


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