Three Stages of Beep Match- Randy Verses HHH

Posted: June 29, 2009 in PPV Event

The first fall is a straight wrestling match. Triple H in control early until Orton starts to work over the leg. He goes for an RKO but HHH counters and hits a spinebuster. Triple H then hit Orton with a chair out of nowhere for the DQ. Orton takes the first fall. The second fall is Last Man Standing. Orton is hit about a dozen times with a chair before he goes to the outside with HHH following him. He hits a Pedigree on the outside and gets the pinfall. 1-1. That second fall lasted about a minute. The booking here is so bad. Third fall is a stretcher match.

Trips put Orton on the stretcher and wheeled him up the ramp towards the line which has to be crossed. Orton quickly jumped off the stretcher at the last minute then took out Trips’ leg. They went into the crowd with Orton in control. Triple H fought back as they headed to the ring. Orton gave him a backbreaker onto the guardrail at ringisde from which he had removed the padding. Lack of crowd heat right now is astonishing. Actually, its not given we’ve seen these two a billion times and the feud has been hit and miss throughout. Orton tossed the ring steps into the ring. He went to hit Trips with them but ended up going face first into them himself from a drop toe hold. Trips then hit him with the steps and rolled him onto the stretcher. He wheeled him back up the ramp but Orton started to kick in the head. With both of them on the stretcher, it started to slide back down the ramp but veered off-course and into the rails at the side. Orton went for the punt but missed. Triple H went for the pedigree but got backdropped onto the stretcher. They went back up the ramp and HHH hit a pedigree. He went to wheel Orton over the line, only for Cody Rhodes to run in as everybody was waiting for. HHH took him out then went to roll Orton over the line again. Ted DiBiase then made the save and he and Rhodes beat down HHH. THey both put HHH on the stretcher, but he fought back until they finally took him out. Or so they thought, as Trips had a sledgehammer with him just in the right place. He took out Rhodes and DiBiase but then got hit with a kick to the groin from Orton. HHH slumped over the stretcher and Orton pushed it over the line. Winner and still WWE champion: Randy Orton.


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