RAW, 6-29-09, First Event: McMahon Being Smart (Litterally and Non-Litterally)

Posted: July 3, 2009 in Raw

Mr. McMahon, comes out in the beginning, walking all proud about what he’s about to say, he says,

“Donald Trump did this the other week, and I can do it too. I can give you fans your money back. Yes, Yes, I can give you all your money back, but I won’t. But what I can do for you is introduce the Guest-general manager, on RAW, Dave Bautista.” (Batsista is his nickname but his real last name is spelled B-A-U-T-I-S-T-A). Then Batista annouces that RAW is gonna have a match with some of it’s rewarded, traded, superstars, in a Gaunlet Match 3-1 versing Randy Orton. He also said that if the legacy came and helped Randy in that match, all three would be fired.


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