Writing Contest: Update

Posted: July 12, 2009 in Uncategorized, WWE Fan Site News- About Site

Are you ready to have a chance to be one of the leaders of this website. Yeah I need, help, and to repay you, you will get the rating that I get, A 5 star rating award from a big rating website, who’s name will be revealed in November 25th, it’s grand opening, ok heres the catch, you have to type a, 150+ word, essay on which superstar you like the most and why. Whichever superstar has the most people, to vote for them, wins the best rated WWE Superstar, Class of ‘09. Iv’e made a deal with that secret website’s creator, where if we get enough essays, this will be named, the #1 FAN SITE FOR THE WWE, on that website. This will rack in more fans in less time, get it. Your favorite superstar might be the best superstar ever for WWE, wouldn’t that be cool.

This Website’s Benifits:

If you make an essay with the right word amount then everyone who makes an essay will get the Are You A Favorite Fan?: Page Passcode.

If your essay wins is the best essay in the line-up, then you will have it on the site every month for the year of 2010.

Oh and too the side of the screen you see, Did You Make the Right Choice Coming Here? Fans on site now, blah, blah, blah. Then there’s The Best of The Best Posts. Next, Other Cool Pages, and on and on. Well if you win, on the side of the site your codename/username that you give me will be crowned (to that side) the #1 fan of WWE Fan Site!!! Basiclly if you win your crowned the #1 Fan on both sites!

Guys and girls are allowed, and understood by only their essay rather then the gender

Here’s how you post it, make a word document and send it to justanotherwwefan@

Essays stop being accepted 10-20-09


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