1st Match: Due To Last post No first Match. Main Event: Seth Green+TripleH+Cena verses Randy+Legacy! RAW 7-13-09

Posted: July 15, 2009 in Raw

What is amazing is that Seth Green actually survived this match, and he helped to win too, by doing these things:

Seth threw one punch and landed it on Cody Rhodes!

Seth interupted a pinning that The Viper (Randy) was making the pin.

Seth Green Also Got hurt:

When he interupted Randy’s pin, The Viper zoomed in on his prey and kicked him it the gut.

Heres how the Team Of Seth,Cena, and Triple H won:

When Randy was going to kick Seth in the skull, Cena interupted. Cody Rhodes brung in a chair right before Triple H came in the ring with one too. But because Cody’s chair was in first, it was a DQ on The Viper and his minions.


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