Millions Mourne: C-Lone Breaks Up

Posted: July 18, 2009 in Together

As many watch Primo and Carlito versed the Unified Tag Team, Chris Jericho and Edge. As Edge and Carlito destract the referee, Edge is really supposed to be in the ring but he tricks the referee. As they stand there yelling at each other, Edges tag-team partner does a Code Breaker on Primo and then the referee turns around and Edge comes in the ring and spears Primo, and pins him. The Unified Tag Team wins.

But what’s important is what happens after the match:

Carlito kicks Primo off the stage. Then Carlito continuesly kicks and punches Primo again and again. “It’s about buisiness, Primo, buisiness!”. With that he leaves.

Next Week:

Primo is versing in a match. Carlito interrupts it. Then Primo loses, as he is cold laying in the ring, Carlito takes out an apple, chews it up, and spit in Primo’s face. That means Carlito thinks Primo doesn’t want to be cool.

With that C-Lone Breaks Up. Updates on C-Lone will be added as they happen, on the one and only, WWE Fan Site!


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