Night Of Champions: Six-Pack Challenge for the WWE United States Title: Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger vs. MVP vs. The Miz vs. Carlito vs. Primo

Posted: July 27, 2009 in PPV Event

Lilian does the introductions for the next match as Jack Swagger makes his way out to the ring. Out next is Carlito followed by The Miz. Primo is the next man out, apparently replacing Big Show after he was picked as Chris Jericho’s partner earlier. MVP is out next followed by the WWE United States Champion Kofi Kingston.

More problems with my feed tonight. Everyone’s brawling as Swagger tosses Carlito over the top. He goes at it with MVP but gets dropped. MVP and Swagger fight on the floor now. Swagger works MVP over now. Carlito comes over the top and takes out MVP on the floor. Kofi kicks Carlito back into the announcers table. Kofi off the top with a dropkick on Swagger in the ring. Kofi with a 2 count on Swagger. Miz comes in and hits his bronco buster move in the corner.

Lots of back and forth here. MVP takes Carlito out. Carlito and Primo collide in mid-air and go down. Kofi and Swagger go at it now. Series of near falls between Kofi, Primo and Carlito. Swagger pulls Primo and he falls on his face while running the ropes. Primo and Carlito are working together until Swagger clotheslines both of them. Swagger dominates everyone until MVP comes in and takes him down. MVP hits the Ballin’ elbow on Swagger and goes for the Playmaker until Miz makes the save. Miz gets a close 2 count. Everyone gets involved and Kofi Kingston gets the pin on Carlito after a kick to the back of the head to retain his title.

Winner: Kofi Kingston


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