Night Of Champions: WWE Unified Tag Team Title Match: Legacy vs. Chris Jericho and Big Show

Posted: July 27, 2009 in PPV Event

Lilian Garcia does the intros for tonight’s opener as Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase make their way to the ring. Out next is Chris Jericho, by himself. Lilian introduces his partner but he takes the mic from her. Jericho says before he introduces his partner, let’s remind everyone of what happened to Edge. Jericho plays the Edge surgery video on the screen.

Jericho says it was wrong for him to choose Edge as his partner in the first place. Jericho cuts a promo on Edge. Jericho introduces his tag team partner – Big Show. Show comes out with his half of the belts to a big pop. Legacy looked shock in the ring.

Show starts out with Cody Rhodes. Big Show is wearing new tights tonight. Big chops by Show in the corner and a body blow to Cody. Show tosses Cody across the ring by his neck. Cody manages to tag in DiBiase. Dibiase comes in but gets dropped by a big shoulder from Show. Show with body blows in the corner now on Ted. Jericho is tagged in and Show laiunches him into Ted in the corner. Jericho with a shoulder take down on Ted. Jericho slams Ted’s head into Show’s boot and Show is tagged back in. Show with a head butt and more shots on Ted.

Jericho gets a 2 count on Ted after a tag and double team shot from Show. Cody comes in but he gets double teamed for another 2 count by Jericho. DiBiase pulls the ropes and Jericho goes to the floor. Ted goes to the floor and works over Jericho before taking him back in the ring. Ted is tagged back in for some double teaming and a 2 count on Jericho. Cody is tagged back in for more double teaming. Cody with an elbow to the head and the fans start chanting for Jericho. Cody stomps away and Jericho tries to fight back. Cody with a headlock now.

More back and forth by Cody and Jericho. Ted is tagged back in and they work Jericho over in the corner. Jericho tries to make a tag but Ted rams him back in the opposite corner. Cody is tagged back in with more shots on Jericho in the corner. Cody misses a clothesline in the corner and Jericho starts to fight back. Jericho runs into a boot. Cody goes to the top and hits a nice moonsault for a 2 count. Jericho with an enziguri and Cody goes down. Ted is tagged in and stops Jericho from tagging in Show. Jericho rolls Ted up out of nowhere for a 2 count. Ted with a clothesline and Jericho goes back down. Ted catches Jericho and powerslams him for a 2 count.

Another 2 count by Ted. Ted misses a dive in the corner and Jericho grabs him for the Walls of Jericho. Ted counters it and locks on his Dream Street. Jericho ends up going for the Walls of Jericho again and locks it this time. The ref is distracted when Cody comes in and DDT’s Jericho, breaking the hold. Ted with a 2 count on Jericho. Jericho runs the ropes and tags in Show. He comes in and grabs Cody and Ted for a chokeslam. They double team him. Show spears Ted while Cody heads for the floor. Show with a 2 count on Ted as Cody made the save. Show tosses Cody over the ropes but he hangs on. Cody dropkicks Show in the back into a kick to the knee from Ted. Jericho comes in and hits the Codebreaker on Ted while the ref is distracted. Show locks on what is now called his Colossal Clutch to make DiBiase submit for the win.

Winners: Chris Jericho and Big Show


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