OMG: Jeff Hardy Is Fired: John Morrison Champ

Posted: September 10, 2009 in Firing

People I got to say something to you, normally I would see something like this coming, but with Jeff Hardy, I didn’t.

Him and CM Punk went in a Cage Match for their jobs and the WWE World Heavywieght Championship, and Jeff lost.

CM Punk was nearly out of the cage when Jeff got up there, then it only took three powerpunches to knock Jeff onto the ropes, which must of hurt the groin.

CM Punk fell and smiled. Jeff made very few statements afterwords including, “This is not goodbye for forever, but it’s goodbye for now” and “at least theres one Hardy in this industry!”

Jeff was one of my favorite superstars, but now John Morrison is. John beat Rey for the Intercontinental Championship, after connecting the Star-Ship Pain. After the match the men shook, which shows how good sports they both are. Wow it was truly amazing!

Check it out….

  1. FronkieTube says:

    Jeff Hardy was a great superstar

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