SMACKDOWN!’s Decade Anniversary

Posted: October 3, 2009 in Anniversarys

Smackdowns 10 Year Anniversary

Smackdown's 10 Year Anniversary

WOW! SMACKDOWN! has been here for 10 years. First Batista and Kane versed in a match until Kane slammed Batista on a turnbuckle then tried to constantly punch Batista while on the top of turnbuckle. But Batista picked him up and Batista Bombed him! Then 1,2,3!

Then Eddie Guerrero got a contribute. But all through this everyone was having a party.

Then they had a tag team match which Dolph Ziggler and The Miz won against Kofi Kingston and John Morrison!

The Rock later gave a message giving us a hint on who’s going to be guest host of RAW in 2 weeks!

Then R-Truth got back at Drew MacEntire finally.

Later DX, the Undertaker, and John Cena, versed Randy Orton, The Legacy and CM Punk, which DX’s team won!

After That, confetti flew everywhere!



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