Posted: October 3, 2009 in RECAP

Sorry I haven’t been posting but I’ll fill you in. CM Punk Versed Undertaker (WORLD HEAVYWIEGHT CHAMPIONSHIP) at Breaking Point, and won by Teddy Long helping him out.

John Morrison retained his title (Intercontinental Champion) against Dolph Ziggler!

DX versed The Legacy at Breaking Point in an submission match, falls count anywhere which Legacy won because Shawn Micheals tapped out.

John Cena versed Randy Orton (WWE CHAMPIONSHIP) in which Randy used handcuff to tie and submit John Cena every which way he could, but Cena turned around, used the handcuffs, and did the STFU on Randy Orton, winning the title.

Big Show and Chris Jericho won the match the had against Mark Henry and MVP. (Unified Tag Team Championship)

SMACKDOWN! Had it’s 10 Year Anniversary party, look at the post above for more on that!

Now all The Titles will be tested to see who will survive at H E double hockey sticks in the Cell.


John Cena will retain his title by Attitude Adjusting Randy Orton through the top of the cell, and pinning!

DX will beat Legacy with the Tornado Tag advantage in the Cell Matchup. Shawn Micheals will Sweet Chin Music Cody Rhodes, and Triple H will Pedigree Ted Dibiase, and both pin at same time winning the matchup!

Batista and Rey Mysterio will win the titles from Big Show and Y2J, by Batista doing the Batista Bomb and pinning Big Show while Rey holds off Y2J.

Undertaker and CM Punk will start fighting the CM Punk opens the door and starts climbing and Undertaker will follow. There will be a series of punches, until Undertake throws CM Punk off, then elbow dropping him from the top of the cell. Then Undertaker will roll CM Punk in the ring, will do Last Ride, then pins for 1,2,3!

The End


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