DX is Back Part 2

Posted: October 4, 2009 in DX News

After an amazing handicap match, Triple H was brused. He walked backstage and made a phone call. The 1 phone call. Here’s what Triple H on the recieving end said,

“What’s going on? Good Good. Now listen you sound real busy so I’ll make it quick. Alright? Listen I got a proposition for yah, ’bout work. Oh, no, I know. I know what you said. Listen youv’e said that a million times in the past, you know, ‘I’ll never come back. You never meant anything before. Listen, did you see what just happened to me?!? Hah? You watching, the show? Did you see what happened—. Your not watchin’? Your at WHAT? Hold up, You GOT A WHAT? Your done with that. As of right now! I need yah, man! And I just need to know one thing… Are-You-READY?”

With that Hunter heard the line cut off, meaning his friend hung up!
To Be Continued….


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