Current WWE/WWF Rivalries

No this is not another one of the posts about my site being a rival with UFC. No, no, no this is much, much more! WWE wrestlers start fighting each other and get in a zone where their first opponent is the only one they want to face, called a rivalry. We have all the updates on rivalries that are brewing, going, and ending. We also get to rate the rivalry, thanks to that secret rating site! So heres some rivalries happening right about, NOW!


A rivalry of Rey Mysterio and CM Punk has been brewing ever since CM Punk ruined Rey’s daughter, Aaliyah’s Birthday! I suspect this rivalry will end in about 5 weeks, at most.

The Shawn Micheals/Undertaker rivalry lasted for 2 years and finally ended. Undertaker went into WrestleMania with a streak of 18-0. Shawn Micheals has had a glorified career, but at WrestleMania 26, everything was at stake, in a Streak vs. Career match. If HBK won he would keep his career. In Undertaker won he would keep his streak. If they lost, they lost what was at stake, their streak or the career. Watch:


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